What we do

My Services Cost You Nothing

Nothing’s Free. How Can You Help Me for Nothing?

I’m always asked. What’s this going to cost. Truth is: NOTHING.

I’m Paid by the Franchisor to Assist You so My Services are Always Free to You.

As a New Life Franchising client you’re never under any pressure nor obligation to invest in anything I share with you. I’ll work closely with you to match you with franchisors that’ll play to your strengths and your goals. I’ll help you find franchisors that present your greatest opportunity for success.

All franchises are not created equal and no single franchise is perfect for everyone. With my guidance I’ll save you time, heartache and help you avoid costly mistakes.

In addition to Franchise matching for clients we offer financial and legal referrals as well. If borrowing money is needed to complete the funding process we can put you in direct contact with trusted financial partners that specialize in various sorts of funding.